Why Crops Are A Wardrobe Essential For The Gym

by Zero Seven on March 24, 2021

Why a crop top / sports bra is an essential piece of your gymwear we hear you ask?

Well, it's all down to visuals.

Crop tops & sports bras reveal a few cm of your stomach, which when you catch a glance in the mirror immediately makes you engage your core and improve your posture during your workout. 

Engaging your core ISN'T sucking your stomach in as most people think, it's actually all about focussing on pulling your naval up and in towards your spine, doing this will make your abs feel tighter but you should be breathing and moving as normal.

Here we have our new Essential crop top range in a variety of colours, however, if you are wanting a more performance based fit that streamlines your body and offers that protection from grazes and bumps in the gym, we can't recommend our Power range enough!

Take a look below at some of our favourite items and colours!